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Exclusive services for companies and foreign skilled workers
Relocation service

A "relocation service" refers to a moving service or moving services. This service assists professionals or companies moving to a new location by offering various services designed to facilitate the moving process.
Our services are designed to make all aspects of the move seamless. From comprehensive planning to successful integration into the new environment, we take care of every detail. We understand the unique requirements that an international transfer entails and offer specialized support. Our expertise and dedication ensure that the relocation process is not only efficient but also tailored to your individual needs. This means they can plunge smoothly into their new professional challenges.
Trust us to ensure a seamless transition for your employees and their families. We are ready to manage every detail and ensure that the move is a positive and enriching experience.

Our relocation service

Heidelberg am Neckar


Our relocation orientation services offer you much more than just an introduction to your new surroundings. We understand that a seamless transition involves not only physical relocation but also successful adaptation to the local lifestyle and culture. We are therefore committed to providing you with comprehensive guidance to make your start to your new place of residence as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Our service includes:

1. **Local conditions:**We give you an overview of the local conditions, sights, districts and important facilities so that you can quickly find your way around.
2. **Cultural Introduction:** Our services include a cultural introduction to help you understand local customs, traditions and social norms to promote positive integration.
3. **Infrastructure:** We provide you with information about local infrastructure, including transportation, shopping, health services and other essential facilities.
4. **Community Life:**We give you insights into community life, local events, leisure opportunities and other social activities to help you build relationships and contacts.
5. **Authority procedures:** Our services also include assistance with administrative matters, such as registration at the new place of residence, to ensure that all necessary administrative steps are carried out correctly.

Our goal is to not only help you with the physical relocation, but also to ensure that you find your way around your new environment quickly and effectively. Through our comprehensive orientation, we would like to make the transition easier for you and offer you a positive and successful starting experience.


Please send us your name and contact details using the contact form. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can also call us directly or send an email.

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